10 great reasons to use MiEmail for your digital communications

With international bank grade data security and the stability and assurance of being the largest email sending platform in Australasia, mi email is supporting a range of businesses - from small start-ups through to some of NZ’s largest corporations.

Here’s what MiEmail can offer your organisation:

1: Ease of use
Loaded with help features and ‘how to’ videos, mi email offers a great user experience and is very simple for any member of your team to use.

2: Professionally designed emails
You don’t need to be a designer or an IT specialist to easily self-manage your customer email relationships. Hundreds of predesigned templates are available onboard mi email that can easily be customised to your needs.

3: Automatic optimisation to mobile format
The mi email onboard templates automatically optimize to mobile format, meaning there is no costly recoding required.

4: Comprehensive reporting
With mi email’s live dashboard you can watch the performance of your email the second you send it. Comprehensive reporting is available to advise open and click through rates and reader behavior and interest.

5: Dynamic, personalised content
The true power of mi email is its ability to allow you to personalize message content based on variable content within your data, or by allowing your data to trigger conditional content, making your emails more relevant and engaging for your individual customers or members.

6: Customer feedback
With mi email it’s easy to enjoy a two way, more engaging relationship with your customers or members. Onboard web forms are available so you can easily ask for and receive feedback on your products, services and events.

7: Campaign management - email scheduling and auto responders
Take the stress out of your online communications by creating your emails in advance and then scheduling the day and time you would like it to dispatch to your customers.
Allow the campaign module to send preset messages specific to the actions or inactions of your customers. Set auto-responders to remind customers of upcoming events and to inform you of when they have opened and engaged with your email.

8: Data management
Mi email will easily manually import and export your data lists or automatically update your lists from your CRM using an API. Several applications have already been developed and are free for you to use to assist with these data transfers andupdates. Automatic unsubscribe functions ensures that you remain on the right side of anti-spam legislation, and with comprehensive bounce reporting you will be able to maintain the most up to date customer lists.

9: Segmentation
Easily segment your data and send follow up emails only to those customers who haven’t responded to a previous email.

10: Local support
When you need urgent help, you don’t want to be waiting on an overseas help desk.

As well as the 24 hour online support (online tutorials and FAQ’s), the Mi email support is based right here in New Zealand during business hours, and our experts are just a phone call or email away should you need help. Our team have decades of email experience and can offer onsite staff training, design expertise and advice on how to optimize your digital communications to achieve the best results.

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