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Think you're green? Here's how to prove it

  •   Monday, September 03, 2018


Recently a handful of NZ organisations received flack on social media for their use of plastic film in customer communication.

It’s likely these organisations have sustainability initiatives in place and are making efforts to decrease their environmental footprint, but unfortunately by using plastic film they’ve sent the wrong message. In doing so they’ve also missed an important opportunity to demonstrate their true environmental values to their customers.

Today’s environmentally aware consumer wants to see real evidence of sustainability practices from the organisations they do business with.

What message are you sending your customers?

The most direct way to demonstrate environmental commitment is in the packaging and delivery of regular customer messages.

As experts in mail and email we’re continually innovating to create sustainable communication products that help you walk the green talk with customers without breaking the bank. We’ve helped many organisations consistently send the right environmental message.

Our range of environmentally friendly communication solutions will help you send the right message every time.


Contact us today for a no obligation chat about which sustainable communication solutions are right for your organisation and customers




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