Over the years we have developed a suite of services with special relevance to larger private and public sector organisations. These are services which can transform your engagement with customers or other stakeholder groups. They are services which can establish your monthly bills and statements as brand ambassadors and foundation stones of your retention, sales and marketing processes. They are services which can provide all customer facing staff with visibility of all communivations to all customers. And they are services which can support public sector organisations towards achievement of their Results 9 and 10 objectives.


“The customer experience is the next competitive battleground.”

Jerry Gregoire. CIO. Dell Computers.

From 2007 to 2013, Watermark Consulting researched the performance of S+P 500 companies around their commitment to customer experience or CX. The results speak for themselves.

Then in 2013, Forrester Research researched 2,958 business leaders around their top business priorities over the coming 12 months. Improving the experience of customers ranked as a top priority for 74% of this group.

Customer experience, or engagement, is of course a broad topic area, encompassing all points of contact between an organisation and its customers. Yet for many organisations, their documents—their direct marketing, their bills and statements and their customer service messages—are some of the most frequent points of customer contact. And visibility of those through contact centres and other customer facing roles is vital.

Usefully, today’s globally leading data and communication technologies work to enable fully personalised, relevant and timely content is delivered across all channels and devices.

Which is why over the past few years we’ve established exclusive New Zealand partnerships with two global software giants—Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pitney Bowes—to augment our existing capabilities. So today we offer paper and digital customer engagement solutions that Forrester Research and Gartner acknowledge as world capability leaders. With tens of millions invested in R + D each year, these are toolsets that will keep ahead of the trends and never act as a handbrake on your customer asset ambitions—and the power, breadth and depth of these solutions for enterprise scale organisations is breath taking.

Combine this with Marketing Impact’s capacity, award winning creative capabilities and innovation and you have the key to retaining and unlocking the full value of your customers. And we offer new agile structures to bring comfort and further de-risk your technology decisions and operating risks.

As you’ll know, journeys begin with a single step—and with these technologies, the elephant doesn’t need to be eaten at one meal.

Maybe consider the most immediate customer communications challenge facing your organisation… that’s the one we’d like the opportunity to discuss with you.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The World’s Most Powerful 1:1 Digital Marketing Platform — Now Supported Locally

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is not simply an email engine—it’s a complete digital marketing platform that’s constructed in modules so that organisations of all sizes can harness the power of this global leading technology. To demonstrate, Marketing Impact has implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud in the on-demand television, telco, publishing, restaurant, retail banking, performing arts, global dairy and whiteware sectors. And as a Salesforce product, it integrates seamlessly with existing Salesforce platforms while offering integrations to other applications through its powerful API. With Marketing Impact at your side, you'll be monetising your digital marketing technology investment quickly - with minimal need for internal technology resource.

Social Studio - Listen, analyse, engage, and publish with Social Studio

Social Studio helps you build more meaningful relationships with customers by tapping into the power of social media across your marketing, customer service, and sales functions. Discover what consumers are saying about your brand, your products, and your competitors, and empower your team to plan, execute, and track compelling social media marketing. Understand which topics are generating interest and where the most influential conversations are happening—then use that information to make informed business decisions.

Customer Journey Builder - Create the Customer Journey Across All Channels and Devices

Customer Journey Builder - Create the Customer Journey Across All Channels and Devices

Journey Builder empowers you to guide customers on 1:1 journeys across channels and devices to ensure you always deliver the right message, at the right time, via the right channel.

Journey Builder’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to visualise and map the path of each customer’s journey with your brand. Whether your campaigns include online channels such as email and mobile, or an offline channel such as direct mail, Journey Builder enables you to increase campaign performance and drive customer satisfaction.

With Journey Builder you can measure your campaigns against goals that are meaningful to your business — beyond just clicks and Web conversions — then make marketing decisions based on that data. Track and test every message and channel in real time, while measuring results over days, weeks, or months — no technical expertise required.

Pitney Bowes software


Pitney Bowes offers a range of industry leading customer engagement solutions for enterprise scale organisations enabling interaction with customers at the right time with the right messages through the right channel and through the device of their choice.

With over 27,000 employees and revenues of $5 billion, Pitney Bowes Software provides technical and contractual solutions you can trust.

Today, Marketing Impact’s unique partnership with Pitney Bowes Software means these solutions are now fully deployable in New Zealand.

Of special interest to many New Zealand enterprises is the Pitney Bowes Vault document archive – which can capture key internally and externally produced customer communications and provide all authorised customer facing staff and customers complete visibility of the two-way conversation. With your DM getting more and more complex and dynamic, no longer will your contact centre people have to underwhelm by asking customers “can you please read back what we’ve sent you?”







Public sector

Many Public Sector organisations are on their journey towards their Result 10 objectives – to achieve completion of an average of 70 per cent of New Zealanders' most common transactions in a digital environment by 2017.

There are two significant ways in which Marketing Impact can help.

Firstly, we offer a range of global best-practice and large scale digital engagement solutions used and proven by central government organisations around the globe – offering both local and offshore server infrastructure to meet your needs. These include digital messaging across email and SMS, surveys and communication automations. Usefully, if you’re already using Salesforce software to manage customer engagement, our Salesforce Marketing Cloud technologies offer a seamless integration.

Secondly, as you consider each stage of your Result 10 implementation, you’ll likely need to set up projects to communicate changes to customers and other stakeholder groups.

Our Wellington location, agility, scale and understanding of the requirements of these types of project communications have already seen us selected by one of the largest government agencies to support their Result 10 transformation projects.

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