Wanting more customers?

We totally get it.

Acquire and retain customers by making connections that matter to them… and your business. Now, that’s what we call a win-win!

Reaching out to pick up new customers has always been hard. But with changes in broadcast media viewing patterns and increased restrictions around data privacy and Unsolicited Electronic Messaging… it’s harder still.

That’s why we have developed “always on” customer acquisition tools that you can customise to acquire new clients and retain existing ones by segmenting your database based on ‘profiles’:

  • Then, reaching out to look-a-likes across the country through their letterbox.
  • Or connecting to people who are about to change address (for e.g. property sale or rental move) and making them an offer that counts.
  • Then, with a few clicks nurturing them throughout their journey to better support them and eventually converting them into loyal customers.

Imagine that your acquisition (and retention) programmes are ‘always on’ with seriously smart reporting features that help you tweak your campaigns to get the best possible ROI.

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